Hello all,

We found a problem when we use BarSeries in Chart.

When the series has a big diference between values, the scala makes the minor value disappear completely in chart. This only happens when the BarSeries is configured to column.

In this case, the rect that represents that value in chart will be inserted with height 0.
That causes a lot of problems, mainly when you use some framework as Batik to export the generated SVG to a Image.

The problem is in class com.sencha.gxt.chart.client.chart.series.BarSerie, line 788, version 3.0.1:
PHP Code:
rect.setHeight(Math.max(rect.getHeight() - diff0)); 
When the max value is zero, the rect isn't in SVG.
A possible workaround is change the line to:
PHP Code:
rect.setHeight(Math.max(rect.getHeight() - diff0.1)); 
Was this problem reported before?
Is there another workaround?

Cassiano Faria.