Yesterday I faced a bug that is mentioned in this bug report: "[OPEN-865] isDirty on radiogroup"

It has been reported in April 2010 and it's accepted as a bug. And afterwards people have replied to the thread in order to find out when it will be fixed or if there is any suggested override that can be applied safely. But there is no post from the support theme in that matter.

And at the top of the thread it says "We will make it our priority to review this report.". But it's been 3 years and the bug is not fixed yet and there is no valid override from the support theme. I'm sorry but is this normal? Are there so many bugs that it takes more than 3 years to close them?

The thing is, these kind of "lack of support" signs makes me wonder about the future of the framework. When you use a framework you build a whole system on it. You can not pull it out use another one.

So in order to keep us sane and not to doubt about the future of Ext JS, please don't keep bugs OPEN for that long. And while it's open please provide us with a harmless override.

Thanks in advance