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Thread: A modal window to edit a particular field in a Grid

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    Default Answered: A modal window to edit a particular field in a Grid

    I have a grid which displays records. A record represents an object that has an attribute which is a list of strings. In the record, I want only the number of these strings (the list's length) to be on display. However, I also would like to make it so that if a user clicks on the field, a modal window opens which allows to edit all these strings, so that they be updated and sent via AJAX back to the server.

    For now I have a fully-working grid with records that are taken from the server and are sent back on editing, except for that particuar fields which is required to be treated in a special way.

    My best guess on how to make the field display a number of strings instead of the array that contains them - is to use a 'converter' for the value?

    How can I acheive all this with ExtJS?

  2. When you show the window use update() to update the html in the window.
    However, using that just updates the raw HTML in the window. If you were to add components like Ext form fields you'd use add() / remove() / removeAll().

    Not sure why listeners shows as null and I think the i's are just placeholders of some sort to indicate that the value is a complex object. Try in Firebug and it'll look a little different, but give the same information.

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