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Thread: DataView List Will Not Render Approrpiately

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    Default DataView List Will Not Render Approrpiately

    I'm using Architect, which may be part of the problem. Anyways, here is some code.

    Ext.define('MyApp.view.auditStubListView', {    extend: 'Ext.Container',
        config: {
            id: 'auditStubListView',
            itemId: 'auditStubListView',
            layout: {
                type: 'fit'
            items: [
                    xtype: 'list',
                    height: 700,
                    html: 'Below are the current audits',
                    id: 'currentAuditStubList',
                    itemId: 'currentAuditStubList',
                    style: '',
                    scrollable: true,
                    itemTpl: [
                        '<div>{startDateTime} -- {address} -- {cisCustomerName}</div>'
                    store: 'auditStubJsonPStore',
                    itemHeight: 50,
                    variableHeights: false
    Attached is a screenshot of how it renders in browsers; essentially all of the items in the store are being written on the same line. If I pull down on the list, I can get one of the items to pull down; there are four items that should be displaying here. onButtonTap events fire as you would expect, but always for the first item in the list.

    If I change the layout of the list from default/card/fit/vhbox/hbox the only 'change' I seem to be able to accomplish is to have nothing show up at all.

    I'm going crazy with this; there aren't very many options to toggle and I cannot get something exceedingly simple to paint. Can anyone help?

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    What ST 2.x.x version are you using?
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    Touch 2.1.1.

    Curiously enough, if I removed the id in config, it started rendering appropriately again. No ideas on why.

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