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Thread: Which Cmd version for ExtJS 4.2.0

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    Apologies for the delay - the version of Sencha Cmd you need (3.1 RC2) is available for download. See here for details:
    Don Griffin
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    Check the docs. Learn how to (properly) report a framework issue and a Sencha Cmd issue

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    Default Trying to use Sencha Cmd with ExtJS 4.2

    I am trying to use Sencha Cmd with ExtJS 4.2 but it is not working the same as Sencha Cmd 3.0.2 and I cannot find any documentation on the new release. I am trying to build a custom theme based on the "ext-theme-classic" theme.

    I run the following command in Windows and it works like the previous version did, creating a new folder with all the required files.
    sencha -sdk c:\inetpub\wwwroot\extjs- generate app CustomSenchaThemes4.2 c:\inetpub\wwwroot\CustomSenchaThemes4.2
    Next I run the generate theme command to create a test foo theme.
    sencha generate theme foo
    In the prior version I used to run the following command to build the theme.
    sencha theme build -p packages/foo/theme.html -o packages/foo/images
    However, the problem is there is no html file created after running the sencha generate theme foo. So the command fails.

    Have I missed a step? Any help or current docs would be greatly appreciated.

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