Hi All,

We are using the gxt 2.2.3 and gwt 2.2.0 in our application.
In our application, we have most of the grid operations related to cell editing. For these operations, we used the class com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.widget.grid.EditorGrid of GXT grid.
Related to this, everything is working fine but sometimes if the cell(which holds only numbers) is edited also, the effect(entered values) is not taking place on the edited cells of the grid. But the problem is not confined to particular cells i.e., if we try to edit the same cell again about 1-2 more times, it is getting effected & working as expected.

To overcome this issue, I have tried in many ways but couldnt find the reason so as the solution. Could any one please help me to come out of this issue.

Thanks in advance,
Karthik B.