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Thread: Bar graph with more than 400 columns (Grafico de Barra con mas de 400 Columnas)

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    Default Bar graph with more than 400 columns (Grafico de Barra con mas de 400 Columnas)

    Grfico de Barra con mas de 400 Columnas

    Hola tengo un grafico de barra que tiene mas de 400 columnas y el navegador se queda colgado esperando que termine de generarse el grafico...

    Aparece una leyenda que dice que el navegador esta ocupado ejecutando un script, y me pregunta si deseo esperar o finalizar...

    El mensaje varia segun el navegador (IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc..)

    Hay alguna forma de solucionar esto para que no se cuelgue el navegador...
    Mientras genero el grafico muestro una mask... esta tambien se queda colgada...

    Bar graph with more than 400 columns

    Hi I have a bar graph that has over 400 columns and browser hangs waiting for the end of the graph generated ...

    Appears a legend that says the browser is busy running a script, and asks me to wait or end ...

    The message varies by browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc. ..)

    Is there any way to fix this so that the browser does not crash ...
    While the graphic genre show a mask ... this also freezes at ...

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    Do you have a renderer on label or anything? I've had over 400 in a line chart before and it took a while as expected. Have not tried it with bar personally with that number. Isn't it kind of hard to see what's going on with 400 bars?
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    They are actually about 800 bars ... (There are 400 categories and 2 bars by category ...)
    I have a working processor labels .... I'll try disable it if I have better speed and response.
    I will be commenting on any developments.

    Translated by Google.

    En realidad son 800 barras aproximadamente... (Son 400 categorias y 2 barras por categoria...)
    Tengo un procesador de etiquetas trabajando.... voy a probar desabilitarlo haber si logro una mejor velocidad e respuesta.
    Estare comentando cualquier novedad.

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    Label renderer
    renderer: Ext.util.Format.numberRenderer('0,000.00')

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