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Thread: 4.2 Post-launch Plea

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    Default 4.2 Post-launch Plea

    Whilst I congratulate Sencha on their release of the 4.2 upgrade, inevitably I'm finding that it's breaking things in subtle ways that will be difficult to provide standalone examples for bug reports. I have no doubt that in time I'll figure out work-arounds for them.

    In the meantime, I've noticed two things that make life awkward in the immediate terms and I'd like to make a plea to have them resolved as soon as practically possible:

    1) Whilst new downloaders of ExtJS now have no option on your web site than to get 4.2, the API documentation is still stuck on 4.1.3. Perhaps there are no significant API differences? Anyway is there a date for when this anomaly will be resolved?

    2) There is no link showing on the main download page if you want to get hold of 4.1.1 (GPL) if you need to avoid incompatibilities with existing 4.1.1-based GPL applications. Could this be officially published somewhere?

    Nevertheless, I'll be interested to see how 4.2 improves the stuff I've already successfully deployed using 4.1.x


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    Default Please provide CDN links for Js and CSS

    I would like to add, if Sencha can provide CDN links to 4.2 js and CSS as well

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