I have been trying out Architect 2.1 for 20 days now. Last year I designed an android app using touch 1.1 by itself and we wanted to redo that app using touch 2.1 as well as create another 5 or 6 new apps. after playing with architect for a few days, I was very pleased with the progress and i talked my boss into buying at least one license and maybe even the 5 pack. his only stipulation was that I was able to finish one of these projects within the 30 days.

Since then, I have run into one roadblock after another. Mostly the reasons for the roadblocks is the lack of updated examples and tutorials. These 3 roadblocks have pretty much stopped any of my projects dead, and if I can't find answers, i am going to be forced to look elsewhere such as jquery mobile

I have not found anywhere a tutorial on how to implement device profiles using architect 2.1. I am at a point in one of the projects i am creating that I need to setup different views for tablet and phone.

On another project, I want to implement MVC with a viewport. the only tutorials/examples only show a viewport being added as a component. but in 2.1 when i filter the toolbox for viewport there is none. I can add a viewport via the Viewport Config of the Application, but I am lost after that as the examples/tuts don't do it this way.

as far as MVC i am in the same boat as the viewport as the examples/tuts are for older architect.