I am using Sencha Touch 2.0.1, and Architect 2.x.
How do I put a loading screen while the contents are loading when I clicked on a tab from the tabpanel? I want to do this because when I clicked on the tab, the tab feedback button freezes for a bit, and then loads the content. I heard of deferredRender, but I am not sure what it really does. Is it suppose to pause the render when a tab is clicked? I have tried setting it manually to true and even to false, none of them work. In the Sencha Touch 2.0.1 documentation and in Architect 2.x, this property doesn't exist. Any help or hints would be greatly appreciated!

Sample usage of deferredRender:

     fullscreen: true, 
     tabBarPosition: 'bottom', 
     defaults: { 
           styleHtmlContent: true
      items: [ 
          title: 'Home', 
          iconCls: 'home', 
          html: 'Home Screen' 
          title: 'Contact', 
          iconCls: 'user', 
          html: 'Contact Screen', 
          deferredRender: true //Or false, none of them work            
          //I would like to put a loading screen before "Contact Screen" display on the tabpanel when clicked on. 
Thanks in Advance!