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Thread: Works on Simulator but not iOS.. how would one debug?

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    Default Works on Simulator but not iOS.. how would one debug?


    I am new to Sencha and apps so forgive any silly questions... but I have successfuly created a simple app (based on the example/tutorial). Its like the Sencha one with Welcome message and a RSS feed, but I changed the feed to my own, added in a form (does nothing just a form) and added in a calculator (just adds two fields together). It all works OK in the XCode Simulator... but when I install it on my iPhone through iTunes, and run it, its just a blue screen (I assume the HTML background colour of the Sencha app because thats the colour). There is a "loading" animation in this app but that does not even load on the iOS.

    How does one debug apps on iOS as there are no consoles, logs etc. just blue screen!

    Thanks a lot

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    You can use a remote debugger like weinre to view the console and DOM.
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