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Thread: Show wait dialog message while looping through an array that's hiding grid columns

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    Default Show wait dialog message while looping through an array that's hiding grid columns

    I'm adding a button that hides a lot of grid columns this takes about 5-10 secs depending on how much data is in the grid. I want to show a wait dialog message so the user knows that something is happening. I would like to show the message then wait for the array to finish then hide the message, something like in the code below. This doesn't work it shows the message after the array finshes then its removed straight away. Any ideas of how to achieve this?
      xtype: 'button', 
      text: 'Budgets Only',
      handler: function() {
       var grid = this.up('budgetwatchesgrid');
       var columns = grid.columns;
           msg: 'Removing columns, please wait...',
           progressText: 'Removing...',
           waitConfig: {interval:200}
       Ext.Array.each(columns, function(item, index, countriesItSelf) {
       if (Ext.util.Format.substr(, 0, 6) != 'BUDGET' && index > 1) {

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    It takes a bit of time for the MessageBox to show and sounds like it is happening after the columns loop is happening. Try deferring the Ext.Array.each and the hide() call
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