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Thread: checkboxgroup lost the name property?

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    Default checkboxgroup lost the name property?

    Funny thing happened as I upgraded my Architect project from extjs 4.1 to 4.2... all the checkboxgroups lost their name property.

    I checked the docs, and the name property no longer exists for checkboxgroups. However, they still have a getName() method and it still works when you set a name.

    So either it this property was accidentally removed or ext js is moving in a new direction...that I don't understand...again

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    In the case of a checkbox group, it doesn't really have any meaning. It just acts as a container and delegates setting the value on the children. As such, the name property doesn't really do anything.
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    Default Architect bug

    Yeah, well my app used to it. And when Architect upgraded the app to 4.2, it broke the app. The reason was because Architect removed all the name properties from all checkboxgroups.

    This sounds like a bug in architect then. There should be no reason why an upgrade removes properties from your app it thinks you don't need.

    This is called giving your client base unnecessary headaches.

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