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Thread: Window not rendering properly in viewport in exts 4.2

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    Default Window not rendering properly in viewport in exts 4.2

    Hi All,

    I updated my example to extjs 4.2 version and it did not run properly. It was working fine in the previous version.
    As a breif , In my example I have a viewPort. In the view port in the north region I have a toolbar. On clicking Note button (In toolbar) I add window to my viewPort (region center) using renderto functionality.

    Though it adds window to viewPort but it now has 2 problems-:

    1. rendered window does not show up at x,y points I mentioned in showAt(x,y) function. It has top margin. I

    2. I cannot take window to the bottom of viewport. It goes down up to a point. after that as I take it down it comes back again . Don't know why .

    Can somebody help me why it is happening so ?? Though it was working in earlier version.

    Please find attached my .zip file I have attached my solution in that. Just click on note button and will get the window.

    I have removed extjs files from my extjs folder to attach light folder .please add those in website.
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