I have created a native application by using sencha 2.2 tools and command utility. First I have create the application by sencha coomand It successfully create the application and I am able to run it in my local system. When I build the package by command "sencha app build native", It shows an error related to sass(compass is not load). I have searched this problem and somewhere written to just include "skip.sass=1" in "sencha.cfg" file. I have include it and again build the application. Next time it will create the .apk file without any problem of 588 kb size.

But when I tried to run it on my Android phone, it gives an error "There is a problem parsing the package".

My config file is (packager.json),





"icon": {









"sdkPath":"C:/Program Files/Android/android-sdk/",



"orientations": [

Please provide any solution, Where is the problem?