Hi, I'm new here,

Currently evaluating sencha architect for our new dashboard project by using chart with long polling.

I've created a model, a store that links to the model, and a line chart that links to the store. I've also made the store ajax proxy working with JSON reader.

If I enable 'autoLoad', the chart will show. but if uncheck it, and calling store.load() in my dashboard view (e.g. triggered by onPainted event) , the chart won't have any lines just looks like there is no data. I event get the chart by Ext.get() function, then chart.redraw(), still nothing happens, no error either.

I think I must miss something very obvious, could anyone give me a hint.

I searched the forum for examples, and got http://www.sencha.com/forum/showthread.php?66788

but all the links are dead already. Is there any chart long polling example still alive?

Your helps are really appreciated.