How would I edit the following example at:

so that when you click on a image within the carousel I display the name of the image?

I tried editing the following and got the tap listener to work, but I am logging the last iteration in the loop and not the actual panel I am tapping on?

for (j = 1; j <= itemsCountPerCategory; j++) {
//and push each of the image as an item into the items array
//you can see we are using the img xtype which is an image component,
//and we just give is a custom cls to style it, and the src
//of the image

xtype: 'image',
cls: 'my-carousel-item-img',
src: 'resources/photos/' + category + '/' + j + '.jpg',

// Add some code here to hndle the swipe or click of image
listeners : {
tap : function() {