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Thread: check box tree performance issue

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    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Default check box tree performance issue

    create a check box tree (tri state) with
    ~10K leafs,
    4-5 levels of depth
    ~20 elements per level evenly distributed (till we have 10K leafs)

    - expand the tree 1 level and maybe from second level just one node
    - select the top most node.
    at this moment the web page will freeze and it will stay like this for a good amount of time (~2-5 min) till the node is being selected/checked.

    google chrome (Version 26.0.1410.33 beta-m)
    but it happens in other browsers as well
    windows 7 x64
    cpu I5-2500
    8 GB of ram

    this are the options witch i have enabled on the tree:
    myTree.setPixelSize(300, 600);
    beside those i also have the tree store

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    i have same problem any idea here
    i have a tree with below structuer
    --root [50K nodes+ leaf]
    ---A [100 nodes+ leaf]
    ---B [1000 nodes+ leaf]
    ---C [2000 nodes+ leaf]
    ---D [50 nodes+leaf]
    ---F [33K]
    ---G [10]

    in above case if i want to select a leaf from G it takes approximate 8-10 secs

    i am not able to figeur out whats wrong here each check is taking 8-10 secs

    if i change my code a bit and modified the tree like below i see the performance is improved now to select a leaf from G it takes approximate 2-3 secs but still not acceptabe

    --A [100 nodes+ leaf]
    --B [1000 nodes+ leaf]
    --C [2000 nodes+ leaf]
    --D [50 nodes+leaf]
    --F [33K]
    --G [10]

    Any idea here how can i improve the performance

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