If i have a DTO such as the below. I need to render a grid to display the data grid with the column headers being the resultHeaders field.

Is this possible with GXT 3? i.e. i dont have fields for each column which i think is what GXT expects

Thanks for your help.

public class ExecResultDTO implements Serializable {
    private static final long serialVersionUID = -3029757106131905189L;

    private String stratPath;

    private String requestedBy;

    private Date responseDt = new Date();

    private List<String> resultHeaders;

    private Map<String, List<Object>> data;

    public String getStratPath() {
        return stratPath;

    public void setStratPath(String stratPath) {
        this.stratPath = stratPath;

    public String getRequestedBy() {
        return requestedBy;

    public void setRequestedBy(String requestedBy) {
        this.requestedBy = requestedBy;

    public Date getResponseDt() {
        return responseDt;

    public void setResponseDt(Date responseDt) {
        this.responseDt = responseDt;

    public List<String> getResultHeaders() {
        return resultHeaders;

    public void setResultHeaders(List<String> resultHeaders) {
        this.resultHeaders = resultHeaders;

    public Map<String, List<Object>> getData() {
        return data;

    public void setData(Map<String, List<Object>> data) {
        this.data = data;