Hi all,
When registered via QuickTipManager, and showed with delay, qtip are never displayed because the lookup to registered targets is not set properly in targetTextEmpty.

Fix (QuickTips.js):
    targetTextEmpty: function(){
        var me = this,
            target = me.activeTarget,
            cfg = me.tagConfig,
            el, text;

         if (target) {
             el = target.el;
             if (el) {
                 text = el.getAttribute(cfg.namespace + cfg.attribute);
                 // Note that the quicktip could also have been registered with the QuickTipManager.
                 // If this was the case, then we don't want to veto showing it.
                 // Simply do a lookup in the registered targets collection.
                 // FIX:
                 //if (!text && !me.targets[target.target]) {
                 if (!text && !me.targets[target.target.id]) {
                 // END FIX.

                     return true;
         return false;