Hi all,

I am new to ext-js, just got the latest. I bought the book Learning EXT-JS 4. The very first example is not quite working for me. I verified in both Chrome and FireFox (both latest versions running on Windows 8) that it looks the same. The example does a simple Ext.Msg.alert("Alert","We're Ready!"); inside of the onReady function. I did a test alert("TEST") and that works. So I know that ext-js is loading. Looking at the CSS file, it shows @import '../ext-theme-classic/ext-theme-classic-all.css';

I am guessing the theme is not loading, thus causing the dialog to show up inline in the page, instead of in a pop-up as it should. My guess then is that the ../ext-theme-classic is NOT being traversed from the location of my app. I have the following folder structure:


As I said, the index.html loads, it's finding the js/app.js and it's also finding the ../ext-js/ext-all-dev.js file as the Ext.onReady is working (my alert() worked).

Is it possible that the ext-all-css.css @Import is failing to load the theme because of the path ../ not reaching the right directory? Is it trying to go from the test/ folder back one path instead of where the initial css file is loaded? If that is the case, then of course the theme file wouldn't be found because ../ from my test folder is the base path, not inside the ext-js folder that I have all the ext-js files in. The example has the same folder structure so I am unclear as to why this is not working.

Thanks for any help.