We are using server-side sorting and filtering for GXT grid.

For first-time load, there is a default sort and filter implemented on server: if no filter/sort provided in request, default ones are used. The problem is, that column headers looks like there is no filter/sort until user set it manually from client-side. We want grid to display column headers in different style from the very first load, as if default filter and sort were set manually by user: arrows, italic font, filter value(s) in submenu.

I noticed that PagingLoadResultBean that server returns to client contains only start and count values for pagination toolbar (in additon to dataset records), but not filterConfig or sortInfo. Thus server is unable to inform client about default filter/sort, and these should be set on client somehow before the request. So I were searching for methods to set default values when GridFilters is created during grid setup. But didn't find anything.

I believe this is quite a standard problem and solution must exist. Could anyone please advise ?