I have a MVC application and I would like to export some element as components so I can reuse them in other projects. My setup is as follow: one top-level view, one controller that owns that view, some stores and models used by those stores.

If I try to export the controller to a file, I get only the controller, not any associated view, or stores, or models. Is this the expected behaviour?

On the other hand, if I export the view, then I get the view, the stores, and the models, but the models have all their default names, that is, "Model 1" and the same happend with their fields, they are named "field1", "field" (although the name property is correct), etc. This sounds like this entry in the forums: Import model XDC shows default names MyField1, MyField2 etc but if was fixed in 2.1 (and I am currently using 2.2)