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    Default Chart Holes

    I'm trying to get our area charts to work but for some reason there are big empty spaces in it and I'm not sure why. It's always on the grey parts of the chart and it only seems to effect our area charts. The Line chart seems to be immune. Has anyone seen this behavior before? I've been trying to fix it but I'm not really sure what's causing it. I don't think we're doing anything really special with these charts. We add an element to the store every few seconds and then call chart.redrawChart. The only really odd thing we do is we're adjusting the axis's max value every addition in case the biggest number is over our ceiling. Any help would be most appreciated.

    P.S. You may also notice that the X axis has duplicate times. These are not actually duplicates because the second field is different but the selected granularity of the charts does not show seconds.


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