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Thread: Using Sencha Architect for application development

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    Default Using Sencha Architect for application development

    I am new to ExtJs and we recently started using ExtJs 4. I would like to know how are you developing sencha based application.

    Are you using SENCHA ARCHITECT for application development. If yes, do you see any pros/cons. Can you share the experience of architect.

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    As you are talking about Ext JS I take it that you are referring to browser-based applications (and not Apps for mobile devices) or possible a Desktop application using Sencha Desktop Packager.
    We have just completed a major overhaul of our old Ext JS 3.3 project and used Sencha Architect to migrate to a MVC structure introduced by Ext JS 4.x. For this project Sencha Architect was a great tool and really helped bring order in the project.
    The strict MVC structure of the project made it possible to build the final application using Sencha Cmd (albeit with some hassle setting up the build environment) and deploy an optimized version (see this post for an overview of our tool-chain


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