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Thread: Customizing themes in Sencha GXT 3.0 X(Applying themes to the GXT 3.0X applications)

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    Default Customizing themes in Sencha GXT 3.0 X(Applying themes to the GXT 3.0X applications)

    Hi all,

    Can any one provide me some heads up or some information in customizing the themes in GXT 3.0.

    Customizing means how can we apply only colors to the component background instead of maintaining static images with different states(Select state, over state, Inactive state etc.,)

    I tried with extracting the jar file and make my changes to various styles and and adding those files back to the jar and importing jar to my application and checking whether I made appropriate change or not. This is taking a hell lot of time as it is involving lot of permutations to be executed.

    And one more important thing is that their are static images that are used as borders(top, left, right and bottom) so if I change the background color of a component it will applied only to the background of of the text that I'm displaying no to the entire background of the component because of above statement(maintaining static images). In case of a text button it is even more worse as their is some layer or static images being displayed behind the text on the button, If I apply background-color property it applies behind that layer(I can see the color that I had applied from behind the rounded corners of the button I had created).

    Following a simple issue what I'm trying to explain above.
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    Beside the text(Dashboard) in the tab panel are the static images that are applied using CSS by the framework.

    Thanks in advance.
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