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Thread: Dropping a panel inside a div in ext4.1

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    Default Dropping a panel inside a div in ext4.1

    I have a requirement where i should create a data view with some nested divs.
    '<tpl>', '<div class='firstdiv' height:30 width:30 ></div>', '<div class='seconddviv' height:50 width:40 > </div>', '</tpl>'I have a panel with border layout in which west region contains the draggable treepanel(loads the list of widgets), and the dataview in center region.
    (In notify drop i will create the widgte and show the corresponding widget in drop target)
    I want to drag a widget from tree to dataview. If i'm dropping on the first div(#firstdiv) then it should fit to the first div and if I'm dropping in the second div(#seconddviv) then it should fit to second div.
    Can anybody suggest how to achieve?

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    You can render an unsized component directly to a div and the component will have the size of the owning div.

    If the component has been rendered already you can move it into a div. You'll need to remove(cmp, false) it from its parent container and render() it to the div / element of your choice.

    At this point the component will already have a size. Grab the size of the target div before you render() the component to it and you can then resize your component to the size of your div you're rendering to.

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