Sencha Cmd version(s) tested:
  • SenchaCmd-
Operating System:
  • Scientific Linux 6.x x86_64
  • I am creating a packaged RPM for developers onsite that includes SenchaCmd, when rpmbuild'ing it will intermittently hang forever trying to run the SenchaCmd installer
Steps to reproduce the problem:

This is the line in the SPEC file attempting to install SenchaCmd that hangs, note that I am using timeout to prevent a infinite hang.

%define senchaCmdVersion
%define senchaCmd SenchaCmd-%{senchaCmdVersion}

(cd ../sencha-cmd-%{senchaCmdVersion}; \
 %{__chmod} u+x %{senchaCmd}; \
 /usr/bin/timeout 3m env LD_LIBRARY_PATH=${java_lib_dir}/ \
 ./%{senchaCmd} --mode unattended --prefix $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{prefix})
The result that was expected:
  • SenchaCmd installs
The result that occurs instead:
  • Intermittent infinite hang

Debugging already done:

  • None, just re-run rpmbuild when timeout kills the hung installer
Possible fix:
  • not provided