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Thread: Objects not aligning center, left or right

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    Default Objects not aligning center, left or right

    Hi guys, i have 3 circles on my stage. I want to align them so their left edges are inline. First i drag a rectangle around all three then i see 'Multiple Selection in the properties panel but when i select any of the align options in Edit > Align no change takes place. I've also tried nesting the objects but the alignment options are stil not working. Even the Edit > Distribute options are not producing any results. I'm using Sencha Animator V 1.3

    Thanks in advance

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    You're likely selected the keyframe state (blue selection) which cannot be aligned/distributed at this point. (we have made a note to improve this for next version). If you hold 'alt' while dragging the box around the circles you should be able to select them in base state and alignment should work. Alternatively you can double click (unless you are clicking on child content within) to select one circle in base state and the shift select the other buttons.

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