I am trying to upgrade from Sench touch 2.0.11 with SDKTools 2.0.0b3 to Touch 2.2.0 and Sencha command on OSX 10.8.2

It is not going well.

Setup: I uninstalled the old SDK tools, installed the new command tools, restarted, opened a command window, navigated to the app directory, unzipped the touch-2.2.0 tools to a folder within the app directory, and issued the command

sencha app upgrade /touch-2.2.0
As per this thread it should work, but what I actually get is:
Sencha Cmd v3.1.1.270
[INF] Loading configuration for framework directory: /touch-2.2.0
[ERR] null
Tried fiddling with the command. Tried instead. Tried SUDO. Checked the console log - nothing instructive in there. Generally flailed around for a while, no progress.

Any ideas?