Dear All,

We are evaluating Adobe AIR to use it to develop a desktop application. This evaluation is
based on performance parameters mentioned below including CPU utilization, memory foot print, response time for application
to be up and running.
We are evaluating few more thick client technologies.We are trying to gather uniform performance information across all thick client technologies in scope.
so that we can identify right technology for our application. The tangible data can be in form of graphs or numerics such as milliseconds (cpu) , kb,mb (memory),
number of classes loaded etc. We understand though exact result cannot be provided however we expect some tangible performance statistics
so that we can arrive at performance statistics uniform across all thick client technologies in scope.
1. Tab component support provided? Is there any limitations of how many tabs can be opened?
2. Is it possible to load a IE browser instance with in a tab? If so consider our application is loaded with 50 tabs each with 1mb of data loaded.
Could you please let us know the answers for below.
Time(ms) taken for main IE browser window to be show up and running?
When an application is initially getting loaded what is the peak and average heap memory required?
CPU utilization % during peak initial load and average running condition.
Video and audio streaming capability provided? What is the bandwidth required fir good performance?
What is the machine configuration in terms of CPU type, CPU speed, primary and secondary memory required for good performance?
Also provide us with CPU, memory utilization, Classes and thread graph for above points?
3. What mechanism is supported to invoke a dll method (dynamic link libraries)?
4. Any mechanism provided to handle HTTP request and response?
5. We use Jetty server to utilize it for caching purpose? Do you have any facility in terms of tools, utility to store and retrieve data in jetty server cache?
6. How do we handle web sessions from our application?
7. We will be using browser screens to display application page? Is there any API or utility support available for multiple browser communication?
8. Maintainability/Reliability/Security.

Thanks in Advance