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    Default 'singleton' view

    Hi all;
    in 1.x I had a single overlay used by my app to display stuff on lists clicks (I just changed its content on every click). in 1.x, the overlay was a global parameter. in 2.x with the new MVC structure, I created an overlay view. thing is, I only want one instance of this view and I want it to be shared by multiple views (again, showing/hiding it and updating its content when needed).
    what is the proper architectural approach for a thing like this?

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    Do somethign like this:

    Ext.define('MyApp.view.Overlay', {
        extend    : 'Ext.Panel',
        xtype     : 'myapp-overlay',
        singleton : true,
        config : {
            centered : true,
            modal    : true,
            html     : 'Foo'
        name : 'MyApp',
        launch : function () {
            //needs to be added to viewport
            //hide it or else it will show
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