Hi all,

I am trying to identify a problem I am having that seems to be related to how the Ext framework makes requests to the server. It could be a server side issue, I am not sure, but it only occurs when using Ext to make an ajax request.

I have a java/jersey/glassfish server set up on port 8888 (don't ask). I have my Ext-js 4.2 test site on port 80. The following code is used to make the request to my server:


                        headers : {
                            'Accept' : 'application/json'
                        method: "GET",
                        url : "http://localhost:8888/test/v1/users",
                        success : function(response, options) {
                            Ext.Msg.alert("Message", response.responseText);
                            var data = Ext.decode(response.responseText);
                            Ext.Msg.alert("Message", data.msg);
                        failure : function(response, options) {
                            alert("FAILURE " + response.responseText);
                            var data = Ext.decode(response.responseText);
                            Ext.Msg.alert("Message", data.msg);
When I use my browser to make a request to the URL, it returns a 200OK, and my server code has logging in it and I see that show up just fine. When I use my rest client (2 different ones) both also work fine.

The problem is when I use the above code to the same URL. On my server side, I get a log trace indicating a JAXB component can't be found. I know JAXB/java are outside the scope of ext-js.. so I am not asking about that.. which is why it *might* be a server problem.

What I am hoping for, especially from anyone with using ext-js and java/rest (jersey, resteasy, etc), if there is anything special I need to do with ext-js to make a request to a rest API. I would assume this should work fine.

On the server side, when this request is issued from ext, my code doesn't even execute, which leads me to believe it's not mapping somehow to the right server method, and thus the jersey framework is just responding with a generic error (possibly) that unfortunately doesn't give me enough info to figure out what the problem may be. But I assume thus far, that for whatever reason the call from ext-js is not mapping correctly to the rest api path.

Thank you for any ideas/help.