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Thread: Pricing?

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    Default Pricing?

    I know it's in beta now and free to use but has pricing for been determined? Will it be /mb, /transaction, /user or otherwise?

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    I'm also really interested in using Sencha io, looks awesome (and not very expensive for now ) but saw those limits in the terms :
    Quota & Limits

    Sencha has certain soft and hard limits in using its service. Hard limits are automatically enforced by the Service. Soft limits are consumable resources that you agree not to exceed. You may enter into a written agreement with Sencha that supersedes these limits, in which case that agreement will control.
    • Network Bandwidth: 2TB/month Soft
    • Shared DB processing: Max 200msec per second CPU time Soft
    • Request Length: 30 seconds Hard
    • Requests per month: 5000 Hard
    • Requests per second: 2 Hard
    I'm really worried of the 5000 requests a month. If my apps starts to be a bit popular I guess 5000 requests /months would become an issue. (500 users making 10 requests a month seems to be easy to reach)
    So maybe I should start with another service instead of Sencha io, except if there is way ($$) to be sure I would be allow to exceed those limits.

    Any advice ?
    Thank you in advance,

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