I am pleased to announce that Ext JS 4.2.1 Beta 1 is available for your testing and reviewing pleasure. We have fixed a number of the bugs reported from the community detailed below and wanted to get an early read on how things are going.

The release notes can be found here:


The ZIP can be downloaded here:


If you are using Sencha Cmd, you will probably want to get the recently released Sencha Cmd v3.1.1 found here - http://cdn.sencha.com/cmd/

New Features

Core (2)
  • EXTJSIV-7969 - There should be an easy way to reset a color picker
  • EXTJSIV-9019 - constrainTo needs an option to restrict keep constrained item away from outer edges of the area

Examples (1)
  • EXTJSIV-9276 - Add usage of RowExpander to KS BigData grid example.

Forms (1)
  • EXTJSIV-8947 - ComboBox should have anyMatch and caseSensitive options

MVC (1)
  • EXTJSIV-9070 - Controllers loaded from other controllers should be supported

Bugs Fixed

Core (7)
  • EXTJSIV-8568 - getPlugin fails if plugins is not declared as an array
  • EXTJSIV-9049 - Date parse using "m/Y" format wraps "end of month" into "next month" depending on current date
  • EXTJSIV-9101 - Box layout's menu overflow handler puts overflow menu at right in RTL mode. Should go on left.
  • EXTJSIV-9122 - Capturing listeners aren't removed from DOM element in Ext.EventManager.removeListener()
  • EXTJSIV-9151 - Ext.util.MixedCollection.sortByKey does not work
  • EXTJSIV-9240 - Container insert and move methods do not respect component instances vs indexes
  • EXTJSIV-9342 - Container does not recurse into floatingItems in getRefItems breaking ComponentQuery for floating descendants

Data (4)
  • EXTJSIV-9074 - Combo does not respect autoLoad:false with remote filter
  • EXTJSIV-9176 - Updating a record in grouped store, trigger remove action on the store's proxy
  • EXTJSIV-9184 - Configuring a Store with groupField and getGroupString doesn't work.
  • EXTJSIV-9201 - TreeStore setProxy method doesn't return the proxy object

Direct (1)
  • EXTJSIV-9333 - Direct call doesn't work with buffering disabled in 4.2.0

Examples (2)
  • EXTJSIV-9226 - Closing theme changer dialog breaks window resizing
  • EXTJSIV-9232 - MVC:Feed Viewer: Adding new feed displays JS error

Forms (22)
  • EXTJSIV-7436 - Fileupload button doesn't expand height to cover button in tall file field component
  • EXTJSIV-7764 - Ext.form.Panel does not relay updateRecord from BasicForm
  • EXTJSIV-7836 - Display field does not report proper height when text wraps and gets clipped or overlapped
  • EXTJSIV-7877 - Calling setValue on textarea with a numeric value throws JS error
  • EXTJSIV-8250 - Ext.slider.Multi setMinValue and setMaxValue don't fire change event
  • EXTJSIV-8784 - FieldContainer invalidCls causes double error indicators
  • EXTJSIV-8950 - Buttons blur themselves on invocation of their handlers making them and their ancestor hierarchy keyboard-inaccessible
  • EXTJSIV-8960 - File field can overlap things if buttonOnly is true
  • EXTJSIV-9075 - Destroying a combobox does not clean up the KeyNav
  • EXTJSIV-9100 - RTL - form fields on a toolbar are misaligned in IE quirks
  • EXTJSIV-9168 - Items are not always removed from form when destroyed
  • EXTJSIV-9169 - Overflow menu trigger button is placed at right side of editor in RTL mode
  • EXTJSIV-9182 - form.submit() with fileuploadfield does not trigger failure handler for HTTP errors
  • EXTJSIV-9185 - Combobox with large fieldLabel can cause misplacement of picker
  • EXTJSIV-9237 - Slider with increment configured adjusts the maxValue
  • EXTJSIV-9260 - hiddenfield occupies the visile place in the form
  • EXTJSIV-9266 - Combo trackOver:false does not disable overItemCls tracking
  • EXTJSIV-9274 - File input element covers text field and steals clicks displaying file browser
  • EXTJSIV-9287 - Basicform keeps reference of destroyed items
  • EXTJSIV-9335 - Button of file field component does not render correctly in RTL mode
  • EXTJSIV-9344 - Bug with FieldSet and grid cell editing plugin
  • EXTJSIV-9421 - DateField doesn't show the picker inside collapsed region

Grid (11)
  • EXTJSIV-5922 - Locking, grouping and buffered rendering do not work together.
  • EXTJSIV-6806 - Grid locking and row editing do not work together
  • EXTJSIV-9077 - Grid headers do not have proper gradient stretching when sliced for IE
  • EXTJSIV-9102 - Mouseover row highlighting not working in wrapped rows.
  • EXTJSIV-9141 - After ending cell editing with the Enter key, keyboard navigation no longer works.
  • EXTJSIV-9195 - grid reconfigure without store throws JS error
  • EXTJSIV-9214 - Grid cell edit with group feature not updating values
  • EXTJSIV-9224 - RowExpander doesn't fire events on the proper grid view when locking
  • EXTJSIV-9251 - on grid's record destroy, the selectionchange event is not fired
  • EXTJSIV-9253 - Changing the group field value of a record in a grouped grid throws an error.
  • EXTJSIV-9268 - Ext.grid.Panel allowDeselect config has no effect

Layouts (3)
  • EXTJSIV-8553 - Text wraps/clips in IE10 (in tooltips for example) because Direct2D rounding bug is not properly detected
  • EXTJSIV-9116 - Hightlight focus doesn't completely cover under overflow menu options
  • EXTJSIV-9234 - Border layout does not apply child margins on reversed sides in RTL

Locale (1)
  • EXTJSIV-9340 - Datepicker is not picking up localized text properly

MVC (1)
  • EXTJSIV-9105 - In controller using views: 'Microsoft.view.MyView' generate many requests

Menu (2)
  • EXTJSIV-9099 - Grouped menu check items display checkbox
  • EXTJSIV-9104 - MenuManager's mousedown clickhandler doesn't always work on IE

Misc (1)
  • EXTJSIV-9143 - Ext.isIterable returns true for MixedCollection

Panel (2)
  • EXTJSIV-8589 - Panel ghost is not assigned the proper z-index in some cases
  • EXTJSIV-9330 - Collapsed panels that need an additional Header do not propagate margins to that header

Selection Model (1)
  • EXTJSIV-8279 - Error when trying to select a record while using CellModel

Theme (3)
  • EXTJSIV-3570 - Ext JS 4 Themes - hardcoded variable colors
  • EXTJSIV-9103 - ext-theme-neptune-all-rtl.css exceeds IE's maximum number of rules for a single stylesheet.
  • EXTJSIV-9160 - Toggle buttons in toolbar have incorrect gradients in Gray theme

Window (2)
  • EXTJSIV-7262 - Window constrain:true inside another window, restoring position problem
  • EXTJSIV-8291 - Ext.Component: show() results in two layout runs if autoRender true

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