Hey guys,

I'm trying to dev an sencha app and have come across a problem which I can't seem to get around.

I have two selectfields (dropdown menus). The second one is dependant on the first. What I want to do is : have a placeholder if there are several items in the store and have no placeholder (or placeholder = null) if the store only contains one item.

Here is my listener :

            load : function(myStore){
               var count = myStore.getCount();
               if(count != 1){
                   Ext.getCmp('strClassReference')._placeHolder = rcChooseDocType;;
                   Ext.getCmp('strClassReference')._placeHolder = null;
My problem is that the rendering doesn't seem to function properly. I always have the placeholder of the previous choice even though the value of the placeholder is correct (checked with a console.debug)

Does anyone have an idea how to refresh the component ? I've tried the show and hide function, but I haven't had any luck

Thanks guys