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Thread: Parameter after Submit with Sencha Touch 1.0 form are empty

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    Default Parameter after Submit with Sencha Touch 1.0 form are empty

    last year i created an small app, that only has a form for registration. With a ajax request i call postdata.php and send the form data via eMail to an eMail-adress.Now i have a wired Problem. I wanted to use this form again this year for you event, but there's a problem. After Submit all the fields are empty.This is my call:
    url : 'postUser.php', 
    standardSubmit : false,
    When i change the "standardSubmit" to "true" and send data vis POST, it works. Only sending the data via ajax is not working.i have no idea what's wrong. Thanks for your help!

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    You have inspected the request in the dev tools and also debugged the values you are passing?
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