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Thread: CMD upgrade doesn't work

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    Default CMD upgrade doesn't work

    I used the current version of CMD to create a starter app based on the 2.1 sencha touch framework. I pointed a web browser to the folder and the sample app came up and worked fine.

    Then I used CMD to upgrade the sample app to 2.2. There were no conflicts in the output. When I looked at the site in a browser the header didn't have the proper color or height. It was chewed in the conversion.

    When I run CMD it doesn't display a notice saying there's an upgrade so I should be on the current version.

    I just stared using sencha and from the little bit of research I've done it sounds like it's better to generate a new app based on an updated framework and copy your files to that folder than try to run upgrade on the current app.

    Has anyone else had this issue?

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    I personally don't have issues with upgrading, my app.js usually has a conflict as I have to change it as the apps continue to evolve.
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