Currently I have an ASP.NET MVC application that is utilizing the Extjs grid component on a couple of pages and then the window component. Up until now, we have simply separated the .js files by page and just referenced the corresponding .js file in the .aspx file and the component loads onready. We have not used viewports or ext.application or anything like this. Our extjs files are just single .js files with no MVC-separation.

However, I want to create a new custom component that extends the grid so that I can reuse it in two different places. This has led me to look into the MVC options for Extjs. I like the idea of building our extjs structure this way, however, I'm concerned that it may be overkill if we are only using a few of the components and we are not using Extjs to build the full app. Our pages are all .aspx pages that have many other items on them besides the one or two extjs components.

Can anyone give any suggestions? Is the MVC architecture the recommended way to go no matter what? Are there any resources that I can use to help me break this out into an MVC structure?