I'm a Chinese Student, and I have learned Ext JS for several month.(Sorry about my poor english.)

As we know some user Extensions need extra css file, like the Ext.ux.statusbar.StatusBar, but the problem is that the Ext.Loader just load the javascript file, and we must add the statusbar.css by hand and hard-coded the html file. I'm sure there is a pretty solution to make our Compent Class more SMART, more SEPERATE.

when the Component Class is loaded, the other resources(css etc.)will be auto load correctly.


we no longer need to write code to load the resources, and no hard-coded issue.
I add some code to the end of Ext.ux.statusbar.StatusBar.js to do the primary try:
(function() {
    // ??????
    var me_path = Ext.Loader.classNameToFilePathMap['Ext.ux.statusbar.StatusBar'];
    me_path = me_path.substring(0, me_path.indexOf('StatusBar.js'));
    var css_el = {
        tag : 'link',
        rel : 'stylesheet',
        type : 'text/css',
        charset : 'UTF-8',
        href : me_path + 'css/statusbar.css'
    Ext.DomHelper.append(document.head, css_el);

and I think it will be a good feature if it become true.