Hi all developers for legacy browsers,

I just notice for you what I had a problem.

I find problem which was for me realy stressfull. This problem isn't problem in Sencha Cmd but in IE8. I think that solving this problem in Sencha Cmd will be nice for developing for legacy IE8 browser.

Sencha Cmd tool generated CSS file(from SASS+COMPASS rules) for project. I think normaly one file with all CSS rules. IE8 has limitation for amount of CSS rules per file. I think that limit is 4096 CSS rules. If the limit is reached then other rules are ignored. I think will be nice when Sencha Cmd will manage it. I don't know what is the best solution. It may be spliting one file to more files when limit is reached.

I will be glad if some solution exists to this topic now. It may be some solution with the help of Ant or some thing else what Sencha Cmd offers now.

What is yours solution?