Hi guys, I am using a "config" for some global variables used several times in the app.

it is a singleton object like this :

Ext.define('APP.util.Config', { singleton : true, alias : 'widget.appConfigUtil', config : { baseUrl : 'xx.xx.xx.xxx', }, constructor: function(config) { this.initConfig(config); this.callParent([config]); }})
and in app.js I include like this:

requires : [ 'App.util.Config']
and access format is like this:

Works fine until I start to have 2 profiles in app "Phone/Tablet"

pretty much all .js files in outside of "phone/tablet" folder (the one used for both profiles), I can access the util.Config, works as well when I compress in "production" build.

The issue is just in "production" version (compressed), when I try to access "util.Config" variables from
one of the profile folder (phone/table). for example :


So far I fix the solution by adding requires : [ 'App.util.Config'] in every sigle file where I neet to access any of the "config variables" in one of the profile folder (phone/tablet).

Question is:

There is a way not to duplicate requires : [ 'App.util.Config'], because theoretically The file was already required in "app.js" which is the main file.

Thanks in advice !