New Animator question here. I'm trying to create a replay button that displays a quick animation when you hover over the button and then replays another animation all when clicked. I'm using the Scenes and Actions panels to do this.

I have the Scenes broken up like this:
  1. Main Animation (this is what I want to replay).
  2. End Scene (the last frame of the Main Animation with no animation)
  3. Replay (the End Scene with the replay animation on continuos loop)
Using Actions, I have Scene1 go to Scene2 when it's finished playing (End). Then on my replay button in Scene2, I have go to Scene3 with mouseover and go to Scene 1 with click.

The replay of Scene1 works fine except when the mouse scrolls off the button. Then the animation stops and jumps to Scene3. How do I set my file up so that the replay runs all the way through Scene1 even if the mouse scrolls off the replay button?