I am using ItemSelector to select the particular items. but in that I am unable to display the images. How can I set Image path to it?
my code is

var isForm = Ext.widget('form', {
title: 'ItemSelector Test',
width: 700,
bodyPadding: 10,
height: 300,
// renderTo: 'itemselector',
layout: 'fit',
xtype: 'itemselector',
name: 'itemselector',
id: 'itemselector-field',
anchor: '100%',
fieldLabel: 'ItemSelector',
imagePath: '../ux/images/',
store: StoreLoad,
displayField: 'activity',
valueField: 'activityId',
allowBlank: false,
msgTarget: 'side',
fromTitle: 'Available',
toTitle: 'Selected'

provide me the solution.