Hi guys!
I'm new to extjs4 and mvc, but not to Extjs.Until now I have developed with extjs3.
I have a single page app, with toolbar in the viewport north region, and a center region.
When I click on a menu item in the toolbar, the center region must be empty and load the new views.
Now, I can't understand how to develop these steps.
I have done test and search a lot, but no success.
I don't understand if I must have a global controller that listen to the menu item click and load the center region, or if a must have a global function to load the center region.
For now I choose the second. A global function empty the center region, call the init for the new controller and call one abstract function in my base controller to init the view. Each controller implements this abstract function, so the single controller knows how to init his view.
But I'm not sure this is the write way to implement the MVC.
Can you please help me?
thanks a lot