Hi every one,

I have a grid that show some information and some colums of this grid shows the duration of some task. the duration is in seconds so for a better looking I apply a render that convert the value in this format "hh: mm: ss". And all works perfect. Now I add the filter plugin to the grid and I chose NumericFilter for these colums, The problem is that the number that the user enter for the filter I want to rapresent the number of minutes and not the number of second, so I extend the NumericFilter class and override the getValue method with the following code:
        public List<FilterConfig> getValue()
            List<FilterConfig> filteList = super.getValue();
            List<FilterConfig> retval = new ArrayList<FilterConfig>();
            for (FilterConfig filter : filteList) {
                String value = String.valueOf(filter.getValue());
                try {
                    double timeValue = 60 * Double.parseDouble(value);
                    value = String.valueOf(timeValue);
                } catch (NumberFormatException e) {
                    retval = super.getValue();
            return retval;
When I use server filtering all works perfect because I call this method, but when I use local filtering this method is ignored.

Can some one tell me which method I should override or which event I should catch???

Thanks in advance