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Thread: Pagination for dynamic store in extjs 3.2

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    Default Pagination for dynamic store in extjs 3.2

    Can any one suggest on how can we do pagination when data is added dynamically in extjs store.
    Results from the server is xml content and below code dynamically adds the data in the store. But this takes lot of time in rendering at UI.
    So for improving the time , we need to do some pagination on it.
    Below method takes lot of time

    success: function(response, request){ var responsexml= new ResponseXml(response.responseText);for (var i=0; i < responsexml.items.length; i++){ var xmlItem = responsexml.items[i]; var rec= somefuntion(xmlItem); Ext.getCmp('id'); } Ext.getCmp('id');

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    So are you using a Xml reader and http proxy to read data from the server or are you doing an Ajax call and inserting the data into the store?
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