Interesting bug...I've got a screen which is continually disappearing from the Design view of Architect. When Architect is first opened, the screen renders without issue; however, as soon as an edit is done, the screen disappears. To replicate:

1. Open the file
2. Select view d_disbursements
3. Click the "Add" button in the upper left corner of the Ext.Window.
4. Change the icon class (for instance).
5. Screen disappears.

Clicking Refresh briefly shows the screen, but it blanks itself out straight away.

The relevant information:
Architect Version 2.2.2
Build 971
Release Channel: 2.2.2-stable
Description - specific screen disappears when edited in visual mode.
Steps to reproduce - as above
Result expected - the screen shouldn't disappear when edited.
Operating System - Windows 7 Pro running as a VM on a Ubuntu host.

I've uploaded my project to http://shared.legaledge.com.au/arch.zip