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Thread: GXT 2.2.5 - Broken column alginment

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    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Question GXT 2.2.5 - Broken column alginment


    we're currently running GXT 2.2.5 with for our web-application. This application basically shows a couple of different grids. All the grids look fine for all Firefox or InternetExplorer users.

    For users of Google Chrome (e.g. version "26.0.1410.64" but the same problem also occured for older versions) the columns of the grid are not correctly aligned with the corresponding column headers (see screenshot below).


    After searching the internet and this forum, there are several reports handling a similar issue with different versions of GXT and also different browsers. We already tried different ways to solve the problem, but none of them worked for our case.

    Is there a well known solution for this problem?
    Is there a GXT version definitely solving this?

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    We had/have the same issues with GXT 2.2.5. I don't think GXT 2.3.0 will solve it. But we will try soon.
    We make a workaround to solve the issue but with the cost of a little bit performance.
    After having done the layout we always make a refresh of the grid view. So the grid is rebuild and is aligned.

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