Hi Everyone

I would like to discuss issues I am facing with Load Mask.

I am using load mask to display status of component, like when store is loading. The trouble i have is when the ancestor component is removed, the load mask does not disappear.

My investigation has lead me to conclude that hierarchy event must not be firing. Is there any documentation on hierarchy events and how it should be used?

On a similar note, i had trouble hiding load mask on tree panel on collapse. I used the below code to overcome this issue.

      var pCollapse = this.placeholderCollapse;
      if( this.isPlaceHolderCollapse() ){
        this.placeholderCollapse = function(){
          pCollapse.apply( this , arguments );
          this.getHierarchyState().collapsed = true;
          this.placeholderCollapse = pCollapse;
    }, comp );
Where 'comp' is the tree panel.
NOTE: viewConfig was not used to create loadmask.

I also added a similar function for beforeexpand listener.

I am finding it difficult to access information on advanced concepts in extjs. Are there any online material?